VISUAL RESEARCH by Sari Lievonen


In my research I am interested in looking at works of arts, monuments and memorials which in one way or another embrace or reflect sacrificial aspects in their process of creation and/or content. Also it is crucial in the context of this research that the selected works also relate to their surroundings, whether non-urban or urban landscape.

Here the main emphasis is not on the meaning of sacrifice in its traditional, common understanding of offering food, objects or lives of animals or people to the gods as part of religious practices. Rather I am concerned in which ways sacrifice and a sacrificial act can be used symbolically as part of a work or art.

Some works relate closely to landscape, for instance experiencing it through traveling or observing its own processes while other works deal with the urban environment.

The act of violence, which according to French philosopher René Girard is an innate part of the process of sacrifice can be present in the works to different degrees.








This project is funded by the Leverhulme Trust, Artist in Residence Grant.

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1. Works in relation to landscape

Krossá Riverbed
The Lovers – The Great Wall Walk
The Loop


2. Urban works and sites

Postman's Park, London
Wrapped Reichstag, Berlin
Holocaust Memorial, Berlin